Needleless thread embedding

Needleless thread embedding

The fifth generation of ROSE V LINE needle-free embedding, we have 4 probes, respectively, 4.5mm head penetrates into the aponeurosis to enhance facial contours, 3.0mm head stimulates collagen proliferation, reproduces youthful skin, 2.0 mm wrinkles and eye wrinkles Fine lines, and another 7mm is to tighten the double chin and neck.

The unique MDT (Multiple Duration Technology) mode of ROSE V LINE can extend the time of focusing hotspots when one shot of energy is output, making the focusing hotspots into a compact arrangement, which can form dot-line energy more than the old 無針埋線. The polar line forms an invisible tension network in the fascia, which effectively promotes the hyperplasia of the dermis, instantly lifts and tightens the contour, smoothes wrinkles, and makes the skin firm and elastic.

Social media is prevalent, and many people like to share their daily lives on social platforms. Photographs are most afraid of noodles, but it is the trouble that many people have.

“Importance of Angle”, every time I take a picture, I have to find an angle that can be used to make a small face on the V face or rely on retouching software to execute the picture. Both are very time-consuming. Therefore, the once and for all method is to shape its own V-face contour. Is there any use for the hot needle-free thread embedding in the market? What about the needle-free thread embedding?

In fact, many people are not fat or even very thin, but they still have the problem of wrapping noodles. Wrapped noodles are not just fat. Sometimes the facial contours are not obvious because the face is loose and not flexible enough, giving the illusion of wrapping noodles. Facial sagging is mainly due to the loss of collagen in the skin, which results in insufficient support for the bottom layer of the skin. Coupled with the influence of gravity, the skin appears sagging and sagging.

Needle-free thread embedding can improve skin sagging. It is a non-invasive treatment course. The course of treatment is almost painless. Generally, you can see the immediate lifting effect after a single course of treatment. Needle-free embedding can penetrate deep into the skin’s fascia layer (SMAS), and use the energy of focused ultrasound to stimulate collagen self-proliferation, tighten the double chin, and improve the skin around the eyes. Compared with traditional HIFU, the special feature of needleless embedding is the cylindrical probe, which can take care of the subtle parts of the face, such as the skin around the eyes, and make the effect more comprehensive.

Although many people love beauty, they are also afraid of pain. Traditional HIFU is more painful, so many people are discouraged. However, the emergence of needle-free thread embedding can solve the problem of pain. Needle-free embedding is to bring energy into the skin layer by energy points, unlike traditional HIFU, which uses energy lines as the unit. Therefore, the energy per contact with the skin is relatively small, which greatly reduces the pain and even reaches “painless” V surface, this is also one of the reasons for the popularity of needleless thread embedding.

Non-invasiveness and non-invasiveness are also reasons for the popularity of needleless thread embedding. Traditional thread embedding needs to bury the PDO protein thread in the bottom layer of the skin, which directly lifts the sagging and loose skin, so it is invasive, which is why many people do not consider it. Needleless thread embedding can solve this problem. It uses energy points to penetrate into the skin to weave an “energy thread” instead of a solid protein thread like traditional thread embedding. Therefore, there is no wound at all after the operation, and there is no recovery period.

Needleless thread embedding price

Of course, the biggest concern is the price issue. The price of 無針埋線 is calculated based on the number of hairs, rather than a single course of treatment. The larger the part to be done each time, the more hairs are required and the price will be more expensive. Therefore, when comparing prices, the number of hairs provided by the treatment is also the key to the price of needleless thread embedding.

The price of needle-free embedding is of course one of the factors considered when purchasing the treatment, but the usefulness of needle-free embedding is the main purpose of their purchase of the treatment. The effect of needleless thread embedding depends on the model used. Of course, the effect will be better if there is international recognition and newer technology.

Needless thread embedding is useful, I believe it should be a lot of people’s doubts. Generally, there are 3 probes for needleless embedding, which are 1.5mm, 3mm and 4.5mm, respectively, for different parts and functions. Different probes can reach different skin depths, so they are generally mixed and used to achieve a more comprehensive treatment effect.

The 1.5mm probe can reach the superficial dermis, which helps to improve skin texture and rejuvenation; the 3mm probe can reach the dermis of the skin, which can stimulate collagen proliferation and tighten pores; the 4.5mm probe can penetrate deep into the skin’s fascia Layer, achieve the effect of lifting facial contours and enhancing skin elasticity.

The special feature of the needleless embedding is that it can be used not only on the face but also on the neck for the finer parts, which can help reduce neck wrinkles.